Slipway and shipwright service
hull and deck repairs, antifouling treatments and refits

Northbridge Marina offers an extensive slipway, on-site shipwright and maintenance services. With over 40 years shipwright experience, our operator Northbridge Marine Services offer a broad variety of services to repair, maintain and enhance the condition of your boat.

The Northbridge Marina slipway caters for yachts and boats up to 20 tonnes in weight, 15 metres (49 feet) in length and 5.5 metres (18 feet) in width.

Northbridge Marine Services can be contacted on (02) 9967-2935.

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Shipwright Repairs

Shipwright Slipway

Shipwright repair services at Northbridge Marina include the repair of hulls, decks, rigging, winches, keels, rudders, rails, toilets, holding tanks and internal areas of the craft, whether caused by storm damage, an on-water collision or general wear and tear. Additionally, our partners, Northbridge Marine Service offers stainless steel fabrication services.

Shipwright services extend from small cosmetic repairs such as a touchup of scratched paintwork to a major structural overhaul.

When on the slipway, our shipwright services at Northbridge Marina always include a thorough examination, confirming the structural integrity of your boat, especially focussing on the fibreglass, wood and paintwork. Issues in these areas are quickly exacerbated by sea water, wind and sunlight and can result in costly repair bills if not addressed in a timely manner.

Antifouling Service

Shipwright Antifouling

The build-up of marine growth and algae on a boat’s hull leads to corrosion along with secondary issues such as less responsive steering, increased fuel usage and slower speeds. Paintwork and the craft’s structure decays and larger issues loom without regular application of antifouling treatments.

Our partners, Northbridge Marine Services recommend that your boat be loaded on the slipway for an annual antifouling service to ensure the long term best for your boat. This also includes an annual check on the boat’s structural integrity giving worry-free times on the waters of Sydney Harbour.

The antifouling service at Northbridge Marina involves cleaning the surface of your boat, checking the integrity of the hull and paintwork and applying a specialised material which inhibits ongoing marine growths.

Refits and Restoration

Shipwright Restoration

A wide variety of upgrades, redesigns, restorations, improvements and refits are available at Northbridge Marina.